Where To Begin When Your House Is a Mess

Overwhelmed exhausted woman feeling tired of cleaning in her messy house sitting on the floor with toys and laundry lying around her


In the daily chaos of life, it can be easy to overlook the dust accumulating on the shelves and the tufts of dog hair in the corners of your floors. If one day you look up and your house is suddenly a mess, don’t panic! Find a place to start and work your way down from there.

Clear Off Surfaces

Seeing clutter on every table and countertop instantly makes a house feel messy. Pick a room to start in and remove all the stuff from your surfaces. Put all items where they belong: File paperwork where it goes, return things to their original homes and throw away any garbage. Once you’ve put things away, dust off the surfaces and use wiping rags and all-purpose cleaner to make them shine again. Don’t forget about other surfaces like the tops of picture frames and doors.

Clean Your Floors

Like you did with your counters and tables, make sure that your floors are clear of junk and that there’s a clear, safe walkway through each room. Tell your kids to come and clean up their part of the mess as you vacuum the carpets and sweep/mop the floors. Don’t forget to dust and clean your baseboards to make the room feel super-polished.

Get Rid Of Extras

As you go through your home, you might have realized that you have multiples of certain items, since you couldn’t find or misplaced the original. This can be anything from salad tongs to yoga mats. Once you’ve decided which of the two is in better condition, sell, toss or donate it. There’s no need for “just in case” when you’re trying to get rid of clutter, so if you don’t use it daily, there’s no need to keep it.

Working room-by-room and going at a medium pace can help a big job feel a little smaller. Get your house back in order and get rid of the clutter that’s been building up inside of it.