Top Rules for Every Girl Boss Working from Home

Many companies today have allowed individuals to work with more flexibility and autonomy by giving the option to work remotely. Huge, rapid technological advancements these days have allowed digital nomads and freelancers to set up their ideal workspace wherever, whenever. For people working remotely, the ideal workspace could be their own home office, cafes, or even the beach when out and about, as long as you can work inside your own bubble.

Most of the time however, you might be working from home. Whether you’re a blogger, a freelancer or entrepreneur, what are the rules you should live by so you can really feel that you are your own girl boss?

  1. Establish a definite and distraction-free workspace in your home.

Because you work at the comfort of your home, it would mean that every spot in it could be your workspace. While this is true and there’s nothing wrong about that, it is still best to establish a definite home office. It should be a workspace that inspires creativity and productivity. And of course, it’s actually up to you how you can transform a space into something like that.

Why is this the best option anyway? First, it keeps everything more organized. Having a definite workspace in your home would mean that all your work-related files and stuff are kept in one place. So, you’ll avoid misplacing them.

Also, a definite workspace allows you to put a physical boundary between your work life and your personal life even if you’re just in your own home. For example, when your family sees you working there, they’ll most likely respect your work arrangement. As a result, they avoid interrupting your tasks when it’s not needed.

  1. Organize your daily schedule well.

When you work from home, you have so much flexibility and autonomy that you don’t have to come up with a definite work schedule. WRONG. It’s even more difficult to establish and follow a daily work schedule when you’re not in a typical office.

Tip: On the night before, plan ahead. Jot down all the non-negotiable work activities you need to finish the next day. Also, analyze how much time it would take you to finish each task. One more thing, don’t forget to list down your non-negotiable house chores.

Organize your stuff well and you’ll surely have a more productive day ahead.

  1. Dress up for a regular workday.

Because you have a real career after all, right? So, working from home doesn’t give you the permission not to put your best food forward—your best dressed self as a girl boss. Yes, it could be tempting to just work in your pajamas the whole day. But then, when you dress up just like what you’d do if you’re working in a cool office in the city, it gives you a sense of confidence. Or, something that even pushes you to be more productive as you tell yourself “Hey, so, I’m really doing a real job.” Therefore, don’t be afraid to dress up for real work. Yup, even if that would mean investing on a really classic and lovely timepiece such as Daniel Wellington watches. Because, why not? A great, durable watch is something we always use for productivity.

Working from home is such a wonderful opportunity if your career path is something that allows you to do so. But you need to establish specifically defined rules to be your most productive self as your own girl boss.