Tips for Choosing the Right Wedding Dress

Now that you are engaged and planning your wedding you need to think about many things. One of them is wedding fashion. It’s important to pick out the perfect dress so that you will look your best on your wedding day. Utilize these tips in order to pick out the right wedding dress for you.

Research Options

Even if you think you know what kind of wedding dress you want it’s still important to research options. You will be amazed to find how many options you actually have. There are so many different options in fact that you just might find that you change your mind when it comes to what the perfect wedding dress is for you. You can research your options online or flip through magazines. When you find a dress you like, print out a picture of it or cut it out of a magazine. Bring these images with you when you go shopping for a wedding dress so that you can help the bridal consultant that is working with you narrow down your options.

Find A Good Wedding Dress Boutique

One of the key elements to finding a wedding dress that you’ll love is to go to the right wedding dress boutique. When choosing a Chicago wedding boutique make sure that they have knowledgeable sales people. They should have worked with quite a few different brides in the past and have plenty of dresses for you to choose from. When making an appointment to see dresses find out if you will have their undivided attention or if they will be trying to accommodate several brides at a time. The consultant that will be helping you find dresses should be able to provide you with the one on one attention that you need in order to find the right wedding dress for you.

Stay Away From Trends

One of the biggest regrets that brides have years after they get married is that they chose a dress just because it was trendy at the time. They didn’t necessarily choose a dress that flattered their figure, but one that everyone else liked. Instead, choose a wedding dress based on what you like. Now, if you want a dress that’s trendy, just make sure you are choosing it because you love it and not because someone else does. You don’t want to look at your wedding pictures years down the road and wish that you wore a different dress.

Take Pictures Of Yourself In Dresses

While mirrors are great, a picture can give you a more accurate image as to what a dress looks like on you. In fact, many times the mirrors at a wedding boutique will make a wedding dress look really great, but in reality, the dress just looks okay. Make sure you get pictures from all different angles so that you can see how the dress looks. If you plan on wearing a veil be sure to have a picture taken from the back so that you can see how it looks with a particular dress.