The simplest things that could give you heavenly skin

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Whether male or female, flawless skin is the desire of any person living in this universe where acne is not pretty. If you are planning on going to a party, one needs to know that they will have to hide the dark circles with make up in the morning. Sometimes it seems unfair that just as you are t6hinking of a great dress to wear on that date, there is a zit planning to embarrass you. The CTM (cleanser- toner- moisturizer) technique is all too common. Many are the times we try everyth9ng in the market, every new sunscreen lotion. As if wishing for smooth skin is too much you just had to get the combination of oily and dry skin. There is good news though. There are simple thing you can do to make your skin beautiful- things that will not cost more than self- discipline.

Drink plenty of water

The advice to drink a lot of water is one we have been told since childhood. However, it just never sinks in. Isn’t three glasses of water “a lot of water” during the cold season? The answer is no! If you want beautiful skin, you must take at least eight glasses each day. If this is too much for you, boil some water, put it in a jar, chose a couple of fruits- lemon and orange have great flavor- and close the jar. After the day is over this will have a concentrated taste of the fruits you have chosen. You can now put a portion of the flavored water in a glass of water and sip it slowly.

It is also great practice to take at least one liter of water early in the morning about 30 minutes before breakfast. Although this means you will have to go to the bathroom a lot the first few days it will be good for you. The water will help flash out any toxins in your body.

 Wear the right Outfits

Have you noticed that some outfits work better than others? Well, you have noticed something that most people overlook. Sometimes you look like you have the skin of a goddess and other times it is plain and ghostly. It may have nothing to do with your skin care regimen. In some cases, the entire issue lies in the outfit and accessories you decide to wear. So when looking for silver bangles for women, look for designs that work for your outfit and your skin color. Check your undertones, some people look better with gold than silver ornaments. When you know what works for you, you will look classy, elegant and like you have the smoothest skin.


Some people will say that by sleeping eight hours a day, every day for 50 years you will have wasted about 20 years of your life sleeping. This is not true. What is life if you perform like a robot and look like a chimp? Sleeping at least 6 hours every night guarantees that not only will your mind refreshed, but also our skin will be rejuvenated. There is a reason it is called beauty sleep.

Work out

Working out does not mean you have to spend the entire day at the gym. In fact, you do not need to join a gym at all. Sweating helps your skin release some of the toxins it may be holding in. therefore take a long walk, go jogging or hiking and always prefer the stairs to the elevator. Exfoliate your skin regularly and apply olive it to moisturize.


Skip those fries and opt for a simple banana, avocado and mango pudding. Forget that soda or energy drink and blend some juice at home, put it in a bottle and take it to work with you. It pays to be healthy and your skin will show you by glowing all day ever y day.