The Future of Mens Streetwear Style

Over the years, it is undeniable that there has been a boost in popularity over men’s streetwear. Still, there is also no indication that this will go away soon, as reports predicts that high-end streetwear will help the luxury goods industry to grow to $309 billion!

Luxury streetwear brands such as Supreme are constantly on the rise despite a higher price entry. In turn, there is a need for alternatives so consumers can still buy into streetwear brands with an affordable price range.

For style? There are various ways that this can be attained. So, have a look into the future trends of men’s streetwear style.

Go Baggy

Oversize is definitely staying for the time being. So, think oversize t-shirts, jerseys, baggy hoodies and long coats. Either way, this style has always produced a sort of flair and effortless feel to the look you are rocking up to. This is the essence of streetwear style after all, as comfort is the key to streetwear.

Big Branded Logos

The bolder the better. We are talking exaggerated mens designer fashion logos on clothing, bags and accessories. The best thing about men’s streetwear is that it is simply unapologetic. In this case, show off the fact you are wearing Gucci and whatever you deem is the hottest brand of the season. Either way, why should you be sorry for it?

Ugly Trainers

Love them or hate them, they are staying and they do not seem to be going away any time soon either thanks to the rise and popularity of the Balenciaga Triple S, and the nostalgic Nike Air Max 95. So, say goodbye to your minimalist and sleek trainers! We are thinking chunky trainers. They are difficult to pull off with a minimalist look, so it is better to mix them with a vibrant and baggy outfit so the attention is away from the trainers.

Layer up!

True, summer is coming. Still, you have to prepare for those summer nights where the sun doesn’t always shine. Based on the Alex Mullins SS18 show, you can mix your style by wearing the baggy tee underneath the shorter layer. After all, you want maximum comfort anyway, so do not restrict yourself in looking fresh.

The Clash of Patterns

As you can tell with our theme right now, exaggeration is the current and future trend of men’s streetwear style. With the trends now being reversed by being reflected from the streets to the catwalk, this is obvious as the male model appeared in an eccentric printed jumper on the Dolce and Gabbana SS18 catwalk. You can even bring back the hawaiian shirt to mix up with your other printed tees inspired by Louis Vuitton.

So, from what we saw for the next season, the louder the look the better. After all, you want to stand out from the crowd in the streets, not getting lost within it. Gone are the minimalist look, let your artistic flair be free with oversize clothing and bold prints.