The Exciting Fashion Trend of Red Ombre Hair

The Bold Red Ombre Hair Trend

Ombre has become one of the hottest fashion trends in a long time and red ombre hair is at the top of the popular color choices. Most hair trends fade into the background rather quickly but the ombre style has stood the test of time and remained a very popular hairstyle option. This hairstyle allows you to showcase your adventurous character and chic style. Read here about red ombre hair for more information.

Ombre started out being a bold, bright contrast and while there are people who still choose to go for the bold options it has become a hairstyle with many variances and women are able to adapt the style to their particular taste. There are various color shades of the red that you can choose from ranging from bold to subtle. You can transform your entire look by adopting the ombre hairstyle and it has become even more popular due to its ease of maintenance.

Black to Raspberry Red Ombre

If you have black hair or intend to dye your hair black the raspberry red is a perfect choice to pick. This is a difficult style to achieve on your own but with patience and practice you can acquire an amazing result that will stop people in their tracks.

Red to Golden Blonde Ombre

This is the perfect hairstyle to highlight your hair and showcase its cut. As you can see the light color on the ends really allows for the health of the hair to be shown.

Red to Copper Balayage Ombre

If you’re a natural redhead or you’re going to be, then this is the ideal color choice for you. This is a subtle yet gorgeous ombre style that really sets you apart in a crowd.


Burgundy Red to Blonde Ombre

A few years ago, if you had told someone you were going to dye your hair burgundy red and blonde, they would have laughed you out of the salon. Just hearing the color combination could make someone look at you with unbelief. Once you see them together you absolutely fall in love.

Deep Dark Red to a Vibrant Candy Red Ombre

Here is another look that is perfect for someone with dark hair. Too often women with dark hair attempt to cover their natural color rather than accent it. The ombre look allows you to keep your natural color and accent it with this deep red kissing the ends of the hair with the perfect candy red.

Shiny, Dark Red Ombre

This is by far one of our favorite looks. While the ombre look is present, this look integrates a type of highlighting to result in this beautiful shiny deep red look fit for any red carpet or club.

Bold, Vibrant Red Ombre

This look carries a vibrant red. Not a style for those who wants something subtle this is a bold look that is breathtaking and makes a strong statement.

These styles are wildly popular and work well with anyone who has the confidence to take the leap and make a statement. Whether you wish to work with your natural color and do a subtle ombre or shoot for a bright ombre or fade the color of your hair these styles are versatile and work well with a wide range of styles and ages.