Summer Trends to Look Out for 2018

The weather is becoming warmer, the evenings are lighter and finally, we can start thinking about summer. Majority of the high-street are beginning to release their summer essentials from those wanting to get in there early, but what’s on trend this year. I few different styles have been picked up for the summer and here’s what to look out for summer 2018.

Mesh Trucker Caps

Caps have been on trend for a few years now but everyone seems to be wearing similar caps now. Luckily the mesh truckers are a noticeable change in the cap game, usually combined with a large logo on the front the mesh design is on the back half for breathability. The mesh design is partnered with the rounded peak for an active style fit for purpose. Majority of colours are available but pastels and lighter colours are the natural choices for the summer months.

Graphic Tee’s

Plain tops have been the go-to for the last couple of summers, but that style does tend to get slightly repetitive. Fitted or loose, Mens Gym Shirts are looking to be a massive trend this summer that will really show off the wearers personality. The inspiration is likely due to the massive hype around luxury streetwear brands like Vypex Apparel taking the world by storm, and the high-street is willing to incorporate the style into a more affordable range.

Jogger Shorts

Relaxed fit, in a casual material, jogger shorts are a highlight for summer 2018. It’s essentially active jogging material shorts with a renewed purpose in men’s style, grey and black are the two common colours to look out for and naturally, black is the subtler colour to go with every outfit. Buying a branded pair is always a good idea for active style clothing, it shows your intention behind the style rather than leaving the house like you weren’t fussed on what to wear.

Vertical Stripes

t-shirts, trousers or shirts? It really doesn’t matter, vertical stripes are on trend in menswear and most garments this summer will be available to pick from. It’s mostly being seen as a smart casual style to go for and we all know vertical stripes give off a slimmer look, which is always a benefit!

Just some styles to look out for this summer, the majority of these trends can be combined with each other. The smarter trends are yet to be seen but it’s likely you should be able to spot in the next more or so.