Renovation Ideas for Large Gardens

If you’re lucky enough to have a large garden, then the designing process for renovation can be exciting as there are countless options to consider. However, because of this sometimes it can be hard to decide exactly how you’re going to fill the space. Here’s a list of renovation ideas to make the most of large gardens:

  1. BBQ Area

There’s nothing like a delicious BBQ with the family during the summer months. If you have the extra space, why not dedicate an area just for this? Give it a cosy, enclosed feel by building a low, partitioning stone wall. Complete the space with some comfortable outdoor living furniture such as sofas and deck chairs. You’ll find you use this area the most in the summer, so investing in some all-weather weave garden furniture is a good idea. Then you can keep it outside year round without worrying about it bring ruined when it’s not in use in winter.

  1. Tranquil Place

Practising mindfulness and meditation is something everyone could be doing more. That’s why it’s a fantastic idea to create a peaceful space for this purpose. Use a colourful floral wall to separate this tranquil space from the rest of your garden. You could add a bench surrounded by your favourite flowers, and perhaps incorporate a water feature or soothing hammock to relax in after a long day.

  1. Water Features

A great way to break up the space in a large garden is with a dramatic water feature or large pond. Not only does it add another dimension to your garden, but a pond will also encourage a variety of wildlife into your garden. If you want, you can even keep fish in your pond for an added talking point when you have guests!

  1. Levels

Creating levels in your garden is the best way to optimise the space you have. The most effective way to give levels to your garden is by adding steps. If you create wide steps, you can use this as an extra space for potted plants and herbs, creating a vertical garden. Steps are often used for patio areas, but there’s no reason you can’t add them in the middle of your grass if your garden slopes.

  1. Island

Along the same lines of the tranquil place, an “island” in your garden can be calming and relaxing. The best way to design your island is in the middle of a pond. You could then use stepping stones as the only way to reach it! You could have an array of flowers and trees on your island to give it a secluded feel.

Which Will You Try?

It can be overwhelming when you’re designing your garden if there’s a lot of space to contend with. However, this is just an opportunity to be even more creative! So, try out a few of these ideas that you think will work best for your large garden and make the most of your outdoor area.