Makeup Tricks to Hide Dark Spots

Achieving flawless skin is everyone’s goal. Dark spots are part of life! Therefore, you should embrace them as you work towards getting clear skin. However, it takes time to achieve it, which means you need to have tricks to hide dark spots. Here are effective makeup tricks to mask dark spots.  

Use a Primer

A primer is well known for its primary function, which is helping makeup last the whole day. Surprisingly, it also plays a significant role in hiding dark spots. Priming creates a balanced, absorbing power throughout the face. 

This means that your foundation will uniformly cover the entire face, including dark spots. Thus, do not underestimate the power of a primer when it comes to hiding dark spots. Use an eye cream for dark circles when prepping your skin to ensure no dark spot appears above your makeup.

Loose Powder

Normally, the loose powder is used after applying the concealer. However, an excellent trick to cover dark spots is using loose powder after priming. Put a brush into the loose powder, dust it off to remove excess powder, and then press the powder in the dark spots.

Apply the powder on your entire face if the dark spots are all over the face. Use the right shade of loose powder. If you use a bright one, your dark spots will appear on top of your foundation. The loose powder should be well blended using a brush or sponge.

Color Correcting

This trick is vital as it works wonders in covering dark spots. If you have never heard of color correcting, it’s time to try this useful tip. Before applying foundation, grab a color correcting concealer to disguise dark spots.

Color correctors come in different colors, with the major ones being green, yellow, and orange. Choose a color that works for your skin tone. The green color corrector neutralizes the appearance of redness, and the yellow one disguises blue and purple shadows. The orange corrector effectively hides dark spots on dark skin tones.

Color correcting is a trick that you should never skip. If you color correct, you will not experience dark spots appearing on top of your foundation. Use a beauty blender or your fingers to apply the corrector.

A bonus trick to this tip is using red lipstick. If you don’t have a color corrector or you are out of them, grab your red lipstick. Apply lipstick on top of the spots and use your finger to blend it. The redness of the lipstick helps cover the dark spots, and it won’t show on your foundation.


Choosing the right shade of foundation is vital when you want to cover dark spots. Use a good quality foundation that will not accentuate your dark areas. Use makeup blender to apply the foundation on top of the color corrector.

Blend it smoothly into the skin to avoid moving the color corrector, which can be messy. Regardless of the foundation type that you are using, a proper application will help cover the dark spots.

BB Cream

If you are a busy woman who has no time to apply sunscreen, moisturizer, and foundation, you can opt for BB cream. BB Cream is a highly pigmented product that helps cover spots using a few plumps.

Choose the best BB cream that works for your skin tone, and you will be surprised by the results. Your BB cream, face powder, and eye makeup will give you a flawless look.


At this point, your skin looks fantastic, but you can add extra glow using a concealer. Dab a few dots of concealer under your eyes in a triangular shape. Also, apply it down the bridge of your nose, and in the middle of your chin.

Damp your beauty blender using a setting spray and blend the concealer into the foundation smoothly. Wetting the beauty blender prevents it from absorbing the concealer, and in turn, the product is entirely applied on your face.

Applying a concealer brightens your skin, giving you a radiant look. The skin under your eyes will be glowing that nobody will know you have dark spots. Liquid concealer works effectively if you have intense dark spots.

Loose Powder after Concealer

Loose powder prevents the concealer from creasing and running all over your face. Dip a sponge into the powder and apply it to the parts that you highlighted using a concealer. Go in with a light hand to avoid clumping of products on your face.

Using a sponge is important at this stage because if you use the wrong tool such as the foundation brush, your concealer will still crease despite applying powder. Choose the right shade of loose powder or use the translucent one, which works for all skin tones.

Face Powder

Applying face powder is vital as it helps set all the products used to hide the dark spots. The compact face powder has different shades, which means that you have to choose the right color for your skin tone. Do not skip the face powder as it gives a smooth finish.

Build Up Gradually

Now that you have learned about the products to use when masking dark spots, it is crucial to understand the procedural tricks. Building products up gradually is a good trick that will work efficiently. 

It is important to use small amounts of product, and then build up gradually. Blend the product smoothly, as you add. Do not use too much product, meaning that you should stop once the dark spot has been covered. Using too much product can cause your makeup to crease and run all over the place. 

Use the Tiniest Tools

Blending products smoothly, especially if you want to mask dark spots and blemishes, can be difficult when you use big brushes. You probably won’t find the look that you were going for because you used the wrong tools. Use the tiniest tools in your makeup bag to apply the products discussed above.

The bonus trick to this point is washing your brushes regularly. If you have dark spots, you probably have sensitive skin. Washing your tools helps keep bacteria away. Therefore, use clean tools when applying your makeup.

Dark spots caused by hyperpigmentation or skin issues such as eczema and melasma are usual. However, alongside your skincare routine, makeup plays a significant role in covering dark spots. This guide has given all the necessary tricks needed to get that radiant skin within a few minutes. 

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