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This is a strong message from me, a person who had been involved in online shopping since its inception in India. You might e very interested and tempted to buy things online. I know its a prestige issue. It makes you feel proud to let your friends know that you have bought something online – a step forward than any of your friends. The Sims offers countless expansion packs each adding new gameplay elements and features so there is plenty of game content. I’m sure their ring values are highly inflated. It’s so subjective as to what the value is. It seems like people are burning the candle down just for the ring so that $25 candle is expensive. At least Cracker Jack’s were inexpensive to get the prize. I am now following you after reading you mens blog! Great to see a male beauty enthusiast! I do wish everyone Happy Holidays” with your family and friends and may you stay healthy and happy during the season of joy to the world. I pray our world is getting better and no child is left alone without food. The stores never close, and so you can order the goods 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Cons: Grocery shopping via the web is a virtually anonymous activity. You have no human contact with store staff or other customers. Nor can you have any accidental meetings with old friends or love-at- first-sight encounters over a shopping trolley. Gift certificates may be really boring gifts to buy, but they’re easy to mail and always appreciated by teens. Extras: You can choose to have your design printed or embroidered onto items. Choose up to 16 colours from their pallet of 500. FREE shipping for the UK. It’s not only the fairer sex who love to shop online. From the same fashion team that forged Net-a-porter, is the menswear version, Mr Porter – equally as sleek and as well stocked as its award-winning counterpart. I had a short haircut a few years ago. But now I am wearing it up now, and just letting it grow. I would not look as good as you do. My hair would be wavy and online sites

Remember to factor in shipping costs. Try to charge a reasonable shipping fee. You may even consider offering free or very low-cost shipping. I was not impressed with SwagBucks. There is no cashback involved – that is why it did not make the list. I tried it for quite some time, and earned 50 points that took an hour to obtain that were not credited etc… it is not worth it. This UK-based retailer is a fashion department store exclusively for designer and luxury labels. Find Saint Laurent shoes, Kenzo jumpers and Balenciaga bags all in the one place at Net-a-Porter. Showpo is a trend-focused boutique with a curated offering fun, fashion items for women sizes 4-18. Naaptol has grown to become India’s leading comparison based social shopping portal, the one-stop destination …

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Jewelry has been or is an important part of an Indian Woman’s identity. They adore wearing jewelry, as for them it is more than mere an accessory. Indians have been wearing jewelry for beautification since ages. For Indian Women; Jewelry is considered to be auspicious. From the richest to the poorest, every woman is fond of jewelry in India. Jewelry is not only seen as an accessory of adoration but also as security for women; if needed they could sell it and get money out of it for their personal comfort. Be it gold, diamond or silver; they are not bothered all they care about is beautifying their self with some kind of jewelry. For some men, choosing a ring design is even more daunting than learning the technical aspects of diamonds and settings. This undoubtedly explains why the solitaire is by far the most commonly chosen engagement ring for surprise proposals. However, if you took a poll of ten women you know, the majority of them would say that a solitaire would not be their first choice. The solution is to shop with a friend or sister of your girlfriend for style advice…presuming she can be trusted to keep your secret! Some of the most popular settings are the three stone and micro-pavé designs. For those who may not be familiar with the term, micro-pavé is a beautiful technique in which many tiny diamonds are set on the band of the ring. The pavé is often extended around the central diamond, which enhances its sparkle and also makes it appear to be larger – two very good things! Vintage inspired rings, including the micro-pavé as well as other ornate designs, are very much in style right now. Since your soon-to-be-fiancee will be wearing her engagement ring for the rest of her life, it is important to strike a balance between selecting a ring which is unique and one which she will never grow tired of seeing. Whatever your packaging style may be, do think about getting one. If you plan on selling polymer clay jewelry, it will sell much better with pleasant packaging. Instead of stuffing necklaces and bracelets inside a make up bag, why not keep everything in order by first putting them individually in reliable zip lock plastic bags? Because it’s transparent you can easily see what’s inside each necklace display bag so you can pick which one to wear when you need it most. Put all your packed jewelry inside a make up bag so you can easily get you jewelry collection. Remember to put the make up bag in a safe part of your luggage to keep it from being bumped or crashed by your other items in your luggage.

If you’re interested in becoming a consultant, don’t worry if you have no sales experience. Anyone can learn how to sell these products. Your leader will show you everything you need to get started! A small parts organizer is a great way to store and …

The Best Ways To Organize And Store Beads And Jewelry Supplies

Looking for more choices of chic apparel and accessories similar to the ones sold at Free People? Try these other stores like Free People, and you might end up with a very big haul. Today arm ornaments are still created out of the valuable metals, gold, silver and platinum. Titanium is starting to end up being more famous on account of its lightweight, strength and the hypoallergenic profits. You can find Bracelets beautified with an assortment of gemstones, genuine or manufactured. I used Cara and ‘my guy’ is called Roger. Cara is rather famous in Dubai and if you look on a travel forum like trip advisor there are a lot of posts. Cara is without doubt THE most popular shop in the Gold and Diamond Park, it is always the shop with the most shoppers inside which I think speaks volumes for their work and their reputation. Kimi’s Jewelry & Gifts has a wonderful link on how to make a polymer clay jewelry piece that IS easy and doesn’t take long. Make up a few extra beads to match the clay and, voila, you can also make matching pieces to go with this gorgeous pendant. The necklace in this demonstration is long enough to fit over a head, but if you want a shorter style, like a choker, then you’ll need to affix a necklace clasp to the ends of the string. I was kinda cute as a little kid, lisln. My mother would have to agree. LOL So glad you stopped by! Whether your thinking of giving jewelry as a gift to your beloved or to your spouse you can go with any of the most luxuriant fashion accessories at Every time you browse our website for all these classic fashion accessories you will get popular pieces of fashion jewelry. All these accessories are no longer a signifier of the exuberant prices, it also signifies some fashion sense that anyone can buy at low prices. Thus stop finding your fashion accessories from other online stores, it is now available under one roof at and make your events or occasions more lavishing and successful than ever!

Celebrities are often seen wearing platinum jewellery. It is one of the most versatile and precious metals on earth, owing to its rarity. It is also regarded as one of the strongest metals because jewellery made from platinum retain their shape well. This beautiful platinum jewellery is also naturally white and doesn’t lose its shine for a long time. Moreover compared to gold, platinum is usually used in its 95% pure form in jewellery. The Monkey gold bar potrays an image of a monkey sitting on a branch and with leaves and peaches surrounding it. You should have your rings independently appraised rather than depend on the appraisal from the company you acquired the candles from. Then you would know their true value. Kashmira, You have a unique style that to me says- I am care free, like a whispwer, like wind, I …

What To Buy The Father Or Father

Wanton women, holy hypocrisies, local lowlifes,naive NRIs,fantastic foods and all worldly things viewed and opinionated from the eyes of a diluted mangalorean. Birthday speech and toast. The father gives a speech before the the gifts are opened, talking about the joy the daughter has given the father, how proud of her she is, or his wishes for her as she embarks on adulthood. That is so cool and so much better than just giving money. I might actually make a couple and post them in a box. Hope they turn out as nice as yours. Incredibly clever idea…I am already thinking of occasions that I can get a little crafty and make these money roses. Congrats on LOTD too! I think it’s a really good idea to go through this page with the child. Sometimes what they want is a little unexpected. So true. Shopping online is a god sent to those who aren’t big fans of shopping in brick-and-mortar stores. I agree with you. I don’t know what I would do without the internet because I do all of my shopping from clothing, to car parts, to exercise equipment, to even supplements. It’s like having the world’s largest menu for you to choose from. Have your own Silly Bands designed to sell for your charitable organization. Need ideas? Go to their website to look at the options. Go along with the agreed upon theme of the gift exchange. If everyone is giving gag gifts, then get a gag gift. The gift exchange, when done well, can be a great team building experience. But if you decide to flaunt the rules or show that you haven’t put much effort into the exchange, you’ll dampen the team spirit. Even though this is a social activity, remember you are still at work. What you do and how you treat others will be noticed.

Need a nudge? Take help of our free event reminder service and never forget an important birthday, anniversary or special event again. Subscribe to it now and let us know the important dates you want commemorate, and we’ll send you a reminder. Keeps getting better, I did read and comment on the story for you some time ago but it seems very fresh, still. Send Online Gifts to India a wonderful ways to express the feelings to the near and dear ones. But flowers are undeniably the apt gift for any occasion. Each flower has its own exquisiteness and charm that adds the vibrancy to the occasion. Now a days there are various famous and well-established florists accessible online. These Online Florists create fabulous flower arrangements from bouquets to baskets. They have all one need to impress and make the dear ones happy. They have creative and distinct ideas to create singular flower arrangements from various flowers that enhance the beauty of the flower amazingly. Cute projects! Many of these could also be done with reused paper – old books, magazines, newspaper, comics, wrapping paper. Having a daughter that …

Makeup Tricks to Hide Dark Spots

Achieving flawless skin is everyone’s goal. Dark spots are part of life! Therefore, you should embrace them as you work towards getting clear skin. However, it takes time to achieve it, which means you need to have tricks to hide dark spots. Here are effective makeup tricks to mask dark spots.  

Use a Primer

A primer is well known for its primary function, which is helping makeup last the whole day. Surprisingly, it also plays a significant role in hiding dark spots. Priming creates a balanced, absorbing power throughout the face. 

This means that your foundation will uniformly cover the entire face, including dark spots. Thus, do not underestimate the power of a primer when it comes to hiding dark spots. Use an eye cream for dark circles when prepping your skin to ensure no dark spot appears above your makeup.

Loose Powder

Normally, the loose powder is used after applying the concealer. However, an excellent trick to cover dark spots is using loose powder after priming. Put a brush into the loose powder, dust it off to remove excess powder, and then press the powder in the dark spots.

Apply the powder on your entire face if the dark spots are all over the face. Use the right shade of loose powder. If you use a bright one, your dark spots will appear on top of your foundation. The loose powder should be well blended using a brush or sponge.

Color Correcting

This trick is vital as it works wonders in covering dark spots. If you have never heard of color correcting, it’s time to try this useful tip. Before applying foundation, grab a color correcting concealer to disguise dark spots.

Color correctors come in different colors, with the major ones being green, yellow, and orange. Choose a color that works for your skin tone. The green color corrector neutralizes the appearance of redness, and the yellow one disguises blue and purple shadows. The orange corrector effectively hides dark spots on dark skin tones.

Color correcting is a trick that you should never skip. If you color correct, you will not experience dark spots appearing on top of your foundation. Use a beauty blender or your fingers to apply the corrector.

A bonus trick to this tip is using red lipstick. If you don’t have a color corrector or you are out of them, grab your red lipstick. Apply lipstick on top of the spots and use your finger to blend it. The redness of the lipstick helps cover the dark spots, and it won’t show on your foundation.


Choosing the right shade of foundation is vital when you want to cover dark spots. Use a good quality foundation that will not accentuate your dark areas. Use makeup blender to apply the foundation on top of the color corrector.

Blend it smoothly into the skin to avoid moving the color corrector, which can be messy. Regardless of the foundation type that you are using, a proper application will …

Fashion And Style

fashion and styleAs component of my recap of final year’s Lagos Fashion & Style Week, let’s hear it for the ones who refuse to match in the box of set trends. Women’s clothing became more ornate, waistlines rose, and skirts became large as the century progressed into Victorian style. The production of style goods by designers, makers, contractors, and other individuals. Onii/Oniikei (お兄、お兄系): is the male equivalent (older brother), can be confused with Visual Kei style. The Eton Crop appeared about 1927 and hair would often have brilliantine to boost the skull like look of the hair style. A maxi length Bohemian, Gypsy, hippie style dress is made of flowing, airy light fabric.

There has been fantastic debate about politics’ spot in Style and traditionally, the Style Industry has maintained a rather apolitical stance. I feel it is a genuinely great style website and i am going to share all these at my web page. I’ve also discovered that finding out new skills is never out of style and always practical if you like to consume and have a location to contact home. I know it’s been a although considering that I’ve sat down to write a Weekly Chat post, but now that I am settled back home for the month of October, I am excited to publish far more private posts again…starting with some of the most asked questions I obtain through Instagram DM. From property decor to travel, and style to when we’re acquiring a dog (quickly, we hope!)…let’s get to it!

Vichnacova model wearing a braided Afro with zebra colored blouse and red scarf, extended Bamboo earrings street style. The style has components of glam rock, as well as gothic, punk and cyber influences. It enables me the sense of privilege to create a diary of sorts that not only documents my whims but it also marks my evolution as a style particular person. The camouflage fabric trend disappeared and resurfaced numerous instances considering that then. Pastel Goth is a reasonably new style and becoming increasingly popular in Tokyo.

As Conor McGregor’s vulgar ‘f you’ suit makes the news, GQ finds the boxers with accurate style. She doesn’t have to adhere to trends simply because she sets her personal trends with a fashion sense of flair that other people often attempt to emulate. A ideal shoulder bag for daytime that will stay a favourite even when my ‘style phase’ starts to wane and the subsequent style beckons!! As a man what I want is style freedom, for all persons, to express themselves for who they are with no all these hurtful words and actions mentioned by some persons.

The Pin-up style is just yet another element of the female Rockabilly style and particularly encompasses an even more retro style from the forties. A boutonniere is a small accessory that is worn by guys and appears like a tiny flower (and it can often actually be a flower).To put on one particular, you slip it securely through the lapel buttonhole …

5 Tips on Choosing a Diamond Ring, Customize the Ring Design with Your Personality

Towards the wedding, of course, you should consider buying the right and appropriate wedding ring. The diamond ring is a symbol that must be maintained so that the marriage relationship is more durable and lasting. Usually, many jewelry stores provide a large selection of ring designs. If you are looking for a diamond ring in Sydney, you can look for it at Larsen Jewelry. Larsen Jewelry provides a variety of diamonds at affordable prices.

However, it is better before buying a wedding ring you have to choose the right one.

Here are tips on choosing the right wedding ring:

1. Customize your wedding ring design with personality

The ring design is something that must be considered before buying it. Usually, people will choose a unique or attractive ring design according to taste and personality. But you need to know, if you choose a wedding ring it is better to choose a simple design. So that your partner will be impressed when See you more elegant using a simple ring but looks charming.

2. Pay attention to the ring material

When buying a wedding ring you will usually be offered a choice of materials that you will use to make your wedding ring. Usually, parents will suggest buying a ring made of yellow gold with a plain design. This is considered a symbol of household durability. However, this is just a myth, You can choose the ring material according to your taste. Starting from yellow gold, white gold, palladium, to rhodium.

You can also mix two or more ingredients for your wedding ring.

3. Select the appropriate ring size

Make sure when buying a ring to choose the ring size that matches your finger and your partner. If you find a ring with a design that you like but the size does not match your finger, don’t worry. You can order it to be made according to the size of your finger with the same design.

4. Check the quality of the ring

Before buying a ring, be sure to check the quality of the ring. Pay attention to the label on the jewelry maker before buying the ring. If there is a “PLAT” label, the sign is that the ring is made of platinum. Pay attention to whether the mark on the jewelry label is in accordance with the metal maker.

5. Adjust the budget

Things to watch out for is buying a wedding ring according to your budget. Don’t just choose a ring that is nice and attractive but the budget is insufficient. Towards a wedding, it will certainly require a lot of expenses. So it’s good you minimize your expenses by buying a ring according to your budget. and convenient to use so that expenses before the wedding is not getting bloated.…

Gorilla Grow Tent 4X4

Image result for Gorilla Grow Tent 4X4"

Indoor agricultural technology is mounting. After the advent of the hydroponic cultivation system, another more sophisticated planting system has emerged. It is a system that uses the Gorilla Tent tool, using this planting tool, plants will grow faster than conventional methods.

What is Gorilla Tent 4×4?

If we catch a glimpse, the shape of the Gorilla Tenda refrigerator is similar. rectangular shape with an external black screen. Gorilla Tents are made airtight so that tools are found in an efficient plant grower.

The structure of Gorilla Grow Tent 4×4 is quite strong. Made of a lightweight steel frame. Gorilla Grow Tent 4×4 inside there is a layer of aluminum that can grow plants faster. In the world of hydroponic farming techniques, the use of Gorilla Tenda itself is quite rampant. In Europe Growing Tents is used as a medium to grow strong.

This tent by a gorilla is expertly structured develop tent that is an ideal decision for specialists and useful for novices. The gorilla develop tent 4×4 has a stature movable element that expands your yields and plant sizes up to 2inches. It runs cool and is anything but difficult to walk. 

Tents 1680D Diamond Reflective Walls are 3-9inch thicker than some other develop tent. This makes the develop tent totally light verification. This tent is structured with smell safe, calm and appropriately protected innovation. Gorilla develops tent 4×4 and has the most grounded metal shafts which can hold up to 500lbs with wellbeing. 

Different highlights that this tent highlights are: patent-pending Infrared blocking rooftop, twofold securing ducting ports are appropriately situated where it ought to be, accompanies calm rock-solid zippers that keep going long. The tough wellbeing pool comes deprived in the midst of startling water spills. 

The huge EZ window perspectives empower simple indoor develop processes without affecting your condition. The zipper entryways all around offer total 360-degree advantageous access. Change your old develop tent for a Gorilla developing knowledge. 

This develops a tent gives you a chance to develop effectively without anyone else. The outside elements of this develop tent are 4′ x 4′ x 6′ 11″ (w/ext. 7′ 11″). It Features 100-percent metal interlocking solid edge alongside connectors. The1680D simple develop tent additionally considers tallness expansion. 

Tent highlights a device pocket, rock-solid flood insurance pool 10″ twofold securing, no hole ducting ports 360-degree entryway get to Micro work irritation control pre-channels Easy set-up directions.  There are several advantages that you will get if you use Gorilla Grow Tent 4×4. Here are some of the advantages:

  • The outside components of this develop tent are 4′ x 4′ x 6′ 11″ 
  • 100-percent metal interlocking strong casing alongside connectors. 
  • The1680D simple develop tent likewise considers tallness expansion. 
  • Tent highlights a device pocket 
  • rock solid flood insurance pool 10″ 
  • twofold clamping 
  • no break ducting ports 
  • 360-degree entryway get to 
  • Smaller-scale work bug control 
  • Pre-channels Easy set-up guidelines. 
  • Substantial zippers 
  • Things we like 
  • Stature movable component builds your yield 
  • Jewel intelligent divider 
  • Solid metal post outline

For those of you …

What To Buy The Mom Or Mother

For those searching for SMC (Specialty Merchandise Corp) with famous spokesperson Tom Bosley from the show Happy Days: In April 2012 SMC announced a change in name from SMC to Smart Living Company. This lens has been updated to reflect the new name as well as incorporated information on other more recent changes. According to my point of view, best birthday memories are made with family. Plan a family dinner for your family and invite each and every important member of your family to make this event more memorable and huge. Order his/her favorite meal to make her/him feel special. Family gathering is all about what he or she imagines for their birthday. Phones: Research places that recycle phones for cash. There are a number of them out there. Find the one that works well for you and comes recommended. There is absolutely nothing that teaches a young girl more about life, responsibility, love, independence, and maturity than a horse. We live in the country and the girls involved in the 4H horse group are the most awesome girls in the county. Do it! Most people can’t because it is expensive. But with the resources, there is little else that compares. Mens Fishing Presents will surely raise a massive smile on your Husband’s Birthday. Fishing is an excellent lifestyle many if not most Men simply Love. Unfortunately fishing equipment is always in high demand (need replacing/upgrading) and can become quite expensive. But that still won’t stop any Man from doing what he loves. Nell, I believe it is all about knowing humans and their behaviour versus Life and the laws of nature. There are surely people born with the needed extrasensory perception to ‘read’, ‘feel’, ‘explain’ and ‘predict’ the needs and wishes of others, as well as the possible fulfilment of those needs and wishes. Somehow the average mind still regards this perception as too much of a godly attribute and therefore not to be practiced. I will avoid sitting for a reading, or share my vision of someone’s future, not only because the prohibition of this were thoroughly imprinted onto my conscience, but because I know how easily this – as any religion – takes over the reins of our lives. Thumbs up for an excellent hub about Psychics and Fortune Tellers.

The grand entrance. As on MTV’s My Super Sweet Sixteen, the girl goes out of her way to enter the party with a big flourish. I love this T-Shirt with Monet’s bridge on it. This could be the ideal gift for an artist, a lover of France or a fan of Monet and the Impressionists. I’ve bookmarked this lens. Plan on giving your idea a go next time I give cash as a present. Great lens. The first choice of any girl, of course, would be a designer backpack, because it would be envied by friends and classmates – Coach, Michael Kors, LeSportsac, Marc by Marc Jacobs etc. Designer brands are expensive and, of course, not everyone …

Winter fashion: The key trends to look out for

Image result for Winter fashion: The key trends to look out for

If you haven’t heard the news, fashion stores are about to change their window fronts. In other words, the world is bracing itself for the winter trends and unsurprisingly, there’s already a few surprises.

While we can’t claim to have all of the answers, today’s post will now take a look at some of the key trends that you need to focus on if you are serious about getting your wardrobe in order for the winter season.

A lighter take on denim

It would be fair to say that out of all of the trends that come and go, denim hasn’t (and isn’t) showing any signs of going away. In other words, it’s been around for years, and it’s going to be sticking around for much longer.

However, that doesn’t mean to say that there aren’t slight deviations of denim. For 2019, we’re referring to the type of wash and at the moment this seems to be heading towards a lighter tone.

Fortunately, this is one of those trends that is unlikely to wreak much havoc with your wardrobe. After all, denim is one of the most versatile materials out there and whether you own dark or lighter washes, it probably won’t make too much of a difference to the rest of your outfit.

The rise of cropped trousers

As we all know, on the most part at least, denim is worn in the form of jeans. Whilst we are on the subject of trousers, let’s now turn to those of the cropped variety.

This is undoubtedly one of those trends that will raise eyebrows, although one might suggest that it has been coming. For the last couple of years cropped trousers have been something that have appealed to females and they now seem to be making their way into mainstream men’s fashion.

As such, don’t be afraid of jumping well and truly into this trend. Of course, there are a few caveats, and ensuring that you don a decent pair of socks is the first tip you need to arm yourself with as these will be on full show! Also, the temperature-factor needs to come into play and if the climate does reach sub-zero, it stands to reason that cropped trousers might have to wait for another day.

Footwear with chunky soles

This is something that has been becoming more and more prominent over the last few years, with designers keen to add as much chunkiness to footwear soles as possible.

This seems to be applicable to absolutely every type of shoe as well. Whether it is Chelsea boots or basic trainers, chunky soles are in and you should be leaping onto the trend.

Men in black

Let’s conclude proceedings with a note on formalwear. Tailored suits have of course been on-trend for some time, but slim fit is now officially the preferred choice.

Taking things a bit further, black suits and white shirts is also hugely on-trend. What do you need to complete the look? Turn to …