5 Quirky ways to Celebrate Rakhi with your Little Brother

You quarrel with your brother, turn sad when he is hurt, stand by him in hard time, console him in his weak moments and seek pleasure in happiness. Such is your relationship with your brother. Brother-sister bond is an unbreakable bond. It is an immortal relationship and is being celebrated since ages in the form of Raksha Bandhan.

Raksha Bandhan is a day celebrated by Indians throughout the world with lot of enthusiasm and excitement. The fun of Rakhi doubles when you have a younger brother who is after you to buy him ritzy surprise. If you also have a younger brother and are jumbled up among the Rakhi gift ideas flooding the internet, here are five ways to take all your troubles away.

  1. Movie time with your little brother

Watch a movie with your brother and create those unforgettable brother-sister moments. You can either hit the movie theatre to watch the latest release or set up your home theatre to watch his favourite movie together. Rakhi is all about remembering and celebrating the beautiful time you shared with your brother. So, there is no other best way to this other than spending time with each other. A movie time together brings this opportunity.

2. Plan a visit to orphanage

Being an elder sibling, it is moral responsibility to give brother life lessons of great importance. So this Raksha Bandhan, take your brother on trip to orphanage. Make him realize that he has all that is needed to live life peacefully, which these unfortunate kids are missing on. You can carry some kids’ rakhi, chocolates and some tiny gifts along with you for the children of orphanage.  

3. Go on a food walk

Again, nothing can be more joyful than spending some quality time together on the day of Rakhi. Going for a movie together is one option. Another can be hopping famous food joints. So, if your brother loves food, gift him a foodie tour this Raksha Bandhan. Take him out to his favourite restaurant or plan on exploring the locations that are best known for their street food. As it is on Rakhi, restaurants and food joints offer special discounts. So, go out with your brother and make use of them.

4. Buy him a gift of his choice

Your brother must have made long list of things that he plans into add to his basket. This list might include gadgets, sports stuff, expensive pens, books that he wants to read and several other things. You can pick anything from this list to gift him on Rakhi. It will surely be a pleasant surprise for him. 

5. Be an adrenaline junkie with your brother

Guys love adventure sports, no matter of what age they are. So, gifting an adventure tour to your brother will leave him stunned. You either can plan an outing that will include adventure sports like bungee jumping, rock climbing, cliff jumping and paragliding or you can take him to an amusement park.Gift your …