Eye Makeup Hacks For Everyday

Every girl wants to learn how to learn the elusive art of perfect makeup, especially when it comes to eye makeup. Most girls find that they can either pull of the no makeup look at all, or just splotch on as much makeup as they can. They struggle to find the balance in their makeup.

But as elusive as it sounds, more girls want to achieve it. For this they constantly look for flawless makeup tutorial lessons but sometimes, full-fledged tutorials may not achieve what simple hacks can. Therefore, to help you pull off your balanced makeup look, here are some hacks:

  • The Eyeliner Hack

Eyeliner is by far the most difficult fashion accessory to apply. This is because it requires extreme precision and detailing. Even a little glide off and your eye makeup is completely ruined. Most of the trouble with eyeliners is that it requires multiple strokes with a steady hand. However, what if you could improve your chances of getting a flawless eye look if you only required one stroke from your eyeliner.

You can achieve this by turning your eyeliner into a gel that will require only one stroke to get a complete look. All you must do is simply hold the tip of your eyeliner in fire and let it dry for a few seconds. Once dried, just apply it on your eyes for a much thicker look and consistency.

  • Wings by Spoon

Another case of difficult eyeliner application is to create a winged eyeliner look. The design looks spectacular but to achieve such a look is no easy task. To most women, a perfect winged eyeliner really becomes a myth because of how difficult it is to get. However, all you need to actually get a winged eyeliner is to use a spoon.

Just take a spoon and use its stem to against the outer corner of your eye to outline the cat-eye. Then flip the spoon so that it covers your eye and make the other outline of your cat-eye. Now, you must only fill this, and you will have perfected the wing of the winged eyeliner -by far the most difficult part.

  • Iron Your Curls

Another tip for your eyes? Do not try extra hard to curl your eyelashes. Eyelash curlers can be brutal on your eyelashes sometimes when you do try extra hard to get those curls. However, you can avoid trying extra hard by simply ironing your curls. How? Just hold your eyelash curler in front of a hair dryer for a few minutes. When it is nice and warm, use it on your lashes and you will see the improved results a warm eyelash curler produces.

  • Popping Eyeshadow

If you really want your eyeshadow to pop up and become noticeable, you do not need to run it extra hard on your eye lid. What you can do instead is to simply use white eyeshadow before you use a colored one. When you apply your colored eye shadow on your …